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2007 Theme: GLOBAL WARMING, Science & Society

Field Notes From a Catastrophe
by Elizabeth Kolbert

UCSB Reads for Earth Day is a University- and community-wide effort in which the entire campus and the Santa Barbara community at large are being encouraged to read the same book devoted to an environmental issue. The program is sponsored by the UCSB Office of the Vice-Chancellor, the UCSB Libraries, and the Santa Barbara Public Library, with generous support from Patagonia, and will culminate in a series of events to be held on Earth Day, April 22, 2007.

Change Begins With Learning

UCSB Reads for Earth Day aims to:
  • Increase awareness of environmental issues facing our personal lives as well as the health of our planet.

  • Generate informed discussion of key environmental issues by promoting the reading and discussion of books on specific environmental topics.

  • Encourage the exchange of ideas among members of the campus and Santa Barbara communities.

  • Support UCSB's goals of environmental stewardship
This year's theme is Global Warming and we are thrilled to announce that the book chosen for discussion is Field Notes From a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change by Elizabeth Kolbert. Field Notes provides us with a multi-disciplined approach to the issue of global warming by combining science, politics, and the human experience. Please join us for the first annual Reads program kick-off on January 24, 2007 at the Davidson Library. See the Events page for details.

Faculty and students in various disciplines will be exploring the issues and topics covered in Kolbert's book. Community events related to the book and to Earth Day include lectures, panel discussions, and workshops. Check the Events page for a complete schedule of events for the UCSB Reads for Earth Day program.

Over 3,000 copies of Field Notes from a Catastrophe have been distributed free of charge to UCSB students since January 25, through the efforts of the UCSB Libraries. Discounted copies of Field Notes from a Catastrophe are available now at the UCSB Bookstore. Audible.com offers an audiobook version which you can purchase, download, and hear it read. After you finish reading the book, redistribute your copy to another reader! There is a collection box in the Davidson Library for this purpose.

How can we save our planet?
In recognition of Earth Day 2007, let's have that discussion:

Participate in discussions of global warming issues at the Community Conversations held at the UCSB Davidson Library and various public libraries in the community. Presented by Professor Josh Schimel, Chair of the UCSB Environmental Studies Program, together with other members of the UCSB faculty and a community representative.

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